RCD Nexus


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is this new thing?

The RCD Nexus is an NSF-funded Cyberinfrastructure Centers of Excellence (CI CoE) pilot to develop a Research Computing and Data Resource and Career Center. 

How can I learn more or get involved?

Subscribe to the rcd-nexus-announce@carcc.org email list (e.g., by emailing rcd-nexus-announce+subscribe@carcc.org), check back regularly on this site, or email us at rcd-nexus@carcc.org and let us know how you’d like to help.

When will these services be available?

Some support and consulting services (e.g., for the RCD Capabilities Model) are available now (see info on services above). Additional products and services will be added over time.

Is this activity replacing CaRCC?

Not at all. The RCD-nexus is one of a number of initiatives that CaRCC is facilitating to support the RCD community. 

RCD Nexus Leadership

Dana Brunson (Internet2)Overall program leadership and guidance
Thomas Cheatham (U of Utah)Involving Students in RCD/Workforce Development
Claire Mizumoto (UC San Diego)Professional Development of Staff
Patrick Schmitz (Semper Cogito)Enhancing/Supporting the RCD Capabilities Model,
Portal Development Oversight
Scott Yockel (Harvard)RCD Professionalization (Job Families, Staffing Survey)
NSF Logo

The RCD Nexus is supported as an NSF-funded Cyberinfrastructure Centers of Excellence (CI CoE) pilot (award NSF-2100003).