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HR Job Family Matrix

What is the HR Job Family Matrix?

The HR Job Family Matrix describes the different types of work undertaken within the field of research computing and data (RCD). It includes job functions and families, series/tracks, grade levels, and salary ranges that can be used by a range organizations to aid in creating and understanding RCD roles and responsibility sets. It is organized around five (non-mutually exclusive) focus areas we call Facings – as in “this is what or whom that role is facing much of the time.”

How was it developed?

A draft was developed by a working group established in 2019 after the need for such a tool was identified at the 2018 CI Professionalization Workshop. The final draft was then provided to the original workshop participants for comments and validation. Learn more about the creation of the HR Job Family Matrix here.

Working group members:

  • Scott Yockel (lead)- Harvard University, University Research Computing Officer
  • Melissa Lucius and Nicole Breen – Harvard University, IT HR 
  • Erik Deumens – University of Florida, Director of Research Computing Anna Thrombly – University of Florida, IT HR 
  • Eric Adams – Purdue University, Program Manager, Education & Outreach Brian Balderston – SDSC, Manager of Research Data Infrastructure 
  • Wayne Gilmore – Boston University, Director of Research Computing Janae Baker – Rutgers, Program Coordinator 
  • Thomas Cheatham – University of Utah, Professor, Director of Research Computing