RCD Nexus

RCD Capabilities Model Roadmap

With the NSF funding for the RCD Nexus (award 2100003), we will be able to undertake a complete re-implementation of the assessment tool. Last year, we gathered requirements for an online (web-based) version of the questionnaire that is presented on a hosted survey platform, and that is backed by a database providing both a better user experience as well as a more robust platform for data analysis.

We will also develop a data exploration portal that allows users in the community to understand their assessment in the context of the broader community of institutions. This portal will also provide important insights into the state of the community as a whole, and in segments of interest (e.g., geographic regions, Carnegie classifications, EPSCoR eligible schools, MSIs, etc.). This portal will be connected with the survey platform to flow data as it is contributed, and will be hosted as part of the RCD Nexus RCD Resource and Career Center.

Another big part of the RCD Nexus support for the Capabilities Model is expanded support for outreach, training, support, and consulting to institutions to help them complete the assessment and leverage it as part of their strategic planning efforts.

This next phase continues as a collaboration among CaRCC, Internet2, and EDUCAUSE. We expect to coordinate with and benefit from the experience EDUCAUSE has in providing their annual Core Data Service survey and are open to working with other groups willing to provide input and help.

Going forward, the continuing commitment is for the Capabilities Model to reflect the evolving work of supporting research computing and data, helping organizations and institutions to adjust and align their capabilities to address changes in technology, and the expanding use of data, software, and compute resources across virtually all fields and disciplines.

(Roadmap updated July 2021)